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Top Reasons To Use A Professional Dog Grooming Service


Why You Should Be Using A Dog Grooming Service

We love our dogs. But some of the very things that we love most about them can also make them filthy little hairballs.

How many times have you looked out your window only to find your canine companion frolicking in the mud and grass like a fool? Moreover, you've definitely never seen your pet head inside from these activities to indulge in a long, hot shower.

This makes it essential for us to clean our dogs and to bathe them. Although it's certainly helpful to do this by yourself, it's always best to leave dog grooming to professionals.

Following are several reasons why hiring dog grooming professionals are the right way to go.

Why Your Dog Needs Professional Grooming

Occasionally bathing your dog at home is not enough. Every time your pet comes inside, small microbes are being tracked all throughout your home. In almost no time at all, your entire living environment can turn into an absolute mess.

The many thousands of germs that the average dog is tracking into the home each day is greatly increased if you happen to live in a rural area. In this case, there's always going to be an abundance of plant life and germs for your pet to track into the living area.

Now think about your kids playing with and petting your dog after he's accumulated several weeks of built-up germs from simply playing outdoors. Much like you imagine, this is hardly healthy: dog grooming services from professionals will limit the risks associated with having outdoor allergens and germs get tracked into the home by your dog.

But in addition to being all-around better for your health, a dog that is well-groomed is going to be better-behaved as well. Dogs that are clean are more acclimated to touch, and they also have a much lower likelihood of having painful sores and other sources of discomfort; which translates as a cuddly and ultimately happy bet.

When grooming your dog, you have to do more than simply give him a bath. You have to hire professionals.


Understanding The Benefits Of Working With Professional Dog Groomers

There are many different benefits that professional dog groomers can supply that far exceed what you're able to accomplish on your own at home. Beyond styling your pet, you can also have these professionals perform a heavy-duty bath which includes a good shampoo and coat conditioning.

Add to these things services such as full-body inspections, nail cutting, and drying, and you can see why dog grooming services from professionals are so very helpful.

More importantly, the baths that you give your dog at home will not effectively combat all of the serious medical issues that are caused by uncleanliness. Professionals know just how serious the health issues faced by unclean dogs can be. Hiring professional dog groomers will make it a lot easier for you to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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Why Hiring A Professional Is Better Than DIYing Dog Grooming


It would be no surprise if you went out often along with your dog. However, you would like your dog to other dogs and people you happen to pass. Are you aware how to make dogs look good without any struggle? This is the reason that you ought to hire a dog groomer. Groomers provide lots of benefits to us including:

  • Proper grooming

  • Cutting nails sans hassle

  • Locating parasites

  • Professional haircuts

  • Finding the beginnings quicker than you

  • Using the right supplies

  • Soothing massage

Grooming Done Right

We are aware that grooming is not all about snipping some fur here and there, as there is a different method for different types of dogs. Owners who cut their dogs hair on their own could risk hurting the skin of their dog. On the contrary, a professional dog groomer inspects the paw of your dog for thorns, cuts, and so forth.

Assisting in Illness Prevention

Skin problems are the root of many potential illnesses in a dog. However, it could be hard to tell at a single glance because of the fur. Professional dog groomers have the opportunity to inspect your dog from close quarters to see if he has any issues. This can include gum bleeding, lumps, bald patches, and skin discolouration to name a few.

The Dreaded Nail-Cutting Procedure

Cat owners are not the only ones who have to struggle to cut the nails of their pet. Dogs too can be equally fussy as claw-cutting can hurt them if done improperly. Their nails consist of sensitivities, which you absolutely cannot cut. The professional dog groomer knows exactly where and how to cut the claws. Your dog will love the groomer so much that they will start pleading to you to call the professional every time you lift the nail clippers.

Hidden Parasites

Ticks, fleas, and all types of little pests can suck the blood out of your dog without ever being seen. A dog groomer knows where to look for these little and annoying bugs. Our well-trained professionals will be able to instantly detect if anything is crawling around the ears, on the skin, or in the fur


Different Tools for Different Fur Types

Have you seen a movie with a salon in, or have you visited a salon or and noticed all of the different combs, brushes, and other hair tools the employees use? This is because different humans have different types of hair. The same principle applies to dogs as well. Before hiring a dog groomer, ensure they have the proper tools required for your particular dog. Appropriate grooming instruments decrease the discomfort your dog will feel during the procedure.

Professional Hair Cuts

Does your dog require a haircut? Our dog grooming professionals would know even though you may not. We know whether or not a haircut is necessary or the correct length with which to cut your dog's hair. Your dog will leave us in style when we give him a haircut. Fur cuts do not only need to be healthy. We always strive to ensure that our clients look their best once we have completed grooming them.

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Everything You Need To Know About Taking Your Dog To The Groomers


There is much more to choosing a dog groomer than going through the yellow pages and making a call to discuss price.  Before placing your dog in the care of a groomer, there are a number of questions you should ask and things you should look for. 

The first step is deciding what you want from the groomer and find one who can deliver the type of dog grooming service you desire. But before that, you should look for groomers who have a reputation for keeping dogs safe.   

Most dog owners are clueless about the challenges and safety risks involved in dog grooming. Grooming involves the use of tremendously sharp metal instruments on animals that are oblivious to the dangers involved with a sudden movement.  

Even diligent, experienced dog groomers who are careful have accidents sometimes, particularly with intolerant older dogs, puppies, untrained dogs and hyperactive dogs.  Find out how these situations are handled by the groomer you are considering and what methods are used to keep the dog still.    

If your dog is a biter, that information should be shared with the groomer.  The groomer should also know if the dog has a medical condition or sensitivity issues in certain areas of the body.  This type of information allows groomers to plan ahead and use the right techniques to ensure safety.  A good groomer always informs owners of any nick or cut that may happen during the process. Have an honest discussion, while keeping in mind that accidents sometimes happen.  

Visit Multiple Groomers

It is important to visit several local groomers before deciding on one.  The busiest time for most grooming shops is around 10 a.m. or 11 a.m.; this is the ideal time to drop in to book a reservation as it provides the perfect opportunity to view how they operate.  You will be able to casually observe how the dogs are treated while being groomed and if that is acceptable to you.

You should also choose a groomer whose personality is compatible with the needs of your pet.  If you have a hyper or uncontrollable dog, a groomer with a peaceful, calming personality could be the best option.

Additional Things to Notice

Is the shop clean? If the smell of feces or urine immediately bombards you, just leave.  While it is not rare for a salon to be a bit smelly during business hours, strong unpleasant odors are unacceptable.  Is there an overwhelming smell of chemicals like bleach? If it is unpleasant for you, your dog could feel the same way.  Essentially, you want to get a sense of professionalism and cleanliness.  
Observe how dogs are handled, especially upon entering the store.  You may see a dog being restrained physically; this is quite typical and is usually necessary for the safety of both the dog and the groomer.  However, if you notice a lack of compassion or overly rough handling, you should leave.  Good groomers never display frustration or anger toward animals because of their behavior; professionals remain calm so the situation won't escalate and compromise safety. 

Are dogs left unattended?  If a dog is on an elevated table with its neck in a groomers noose and left unattended, you should leave.  Yearly, a number of unattended dogs die from asphyxiation by hanging themselves.  If there are two straps securing the dog, one around its neck and one around its waist, then it is acceptable for the groomer to take a few steps away to get a nearby item.  However, becoming distracted or leaving the room is unacceptable and increases the likelihood of an accident.

Ask about the techniques used for drying pets.  If cage dryers are used, ask to see them and if the timers work.  There are a number of publicized incidents regarding cage dryers causing unattended pets to overheat.  Pets in cage dryers should have a bowl of water, and the groomer should be close by.  A reputable groomer consistently checks on the dog's condition. 

Find out the level of experience the groomer has with your particular breed of dog and whether he or she is capable of providing the desired haircut.  For dogs with long coats, you might not be able to get a quoted price from the groomer without him or her seeing your dog.  Typically, the price varies according to matting and other coat conditions.  For short-haired dogs, you could be able to get a more definitive quote.  For dogs with allergies or other special conditions, ensure the groomer has the right shampoos to satisfy the needs of your pet.  

You can make the appointment if everything has looked and felt right up to this point and you feel comfortable.

Showing Up for the Grooming Appointment

Ensure you arrive early for your appointment.  Professional dog grooming businesses are typically busy, and their schedule is dictated by the number of reservations they have made for any given day.  Even a 10-minute delay could affect the schedule, and sometimes they have to move on to another grooming; this could result in you having a much longer wait time or even having to come back another day.   After all, this is a business, and they have to do what is necessary to keep it profitable.  

If the coat of your pet is very dirty, matted or in another bad condition, do not expect show-quality grooming.  It is likely that they could suggest entirely shaving the dog and starting over from scratch.  From the start, an experienced and reputable dog groomer will inform you of what he or she can and cannot do based on the condition of the coat of your dog.

If a verbal report of the grooming is not forthcoming when you go to pick up your dog, you should ask how it went.  Ensure the quality of the work is inspected before leaving the shop so adjustments can be made, if necessary.  It is not a good idea to wait for days to pass before complaining that you are dissatisfied with the results of the grooming.

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How To Train Your Dog To Stop Biting


1. Possessiveness 

This is one of the main reasons for the dog biting.  Safeguarding property is a common matter and in this case, "property" could be human beings, food, toy, and territory.  Herding breeds and guard dogs are typically the worst offenders; however, this behavior could arise in any dog. To minimize this level of possessive behavior, you should begin dog training early.  Training to obey the "leave it" command works quite well in stopping toy aggression.  

Teaching your pet to wait while putting its food down can prevent food aggression. Teach the dog to lie down or sit and then take away their food and put it back.  Occasionally, you should approach the food bowl and add treats to it, so the dog understands that a person approaching the bowl is not a threat.  Teach kids not to bother dogs that are enjoying a treat or eating.

2. Fear 

Fear could cause dog biting, and this is typically taking place in unfamiliar situations and directed at strangers such as postal workers and veterinarians.  Approaching an unfamiliar dog is never a good idea, and your children should be taught this as well.  Fear bites could also happen if a dog is startled at home; as such, you should teach children never to disturb your sleeping animal.  It is important to have early socialization so that a young dog is exposed to a number of different individuals, situations, and animals, minimizing the danger of a developing phobia.  For instance, your initial visit to the vet should be a simple social call so the dog can meet the staff and get a feel for the center.  Leave a note and some treats in the mailbox asking your postman to give a treat to the puppy.

3. Pain 

Even the friendliest dog could bite when in pain.  If your dog has a chronic injury like severe otitis or hip dysplasia, ensure household members are gentle with it and stay away from the painful areas.  If the dog becomes snippy for no apparent reason pain could a possible cause, so consider scheduling an appointment for a physical with your vet.

4. Maternal Instincts 

Even the most well-trained animal can become a biter after having puppies.  Recognize and respect the maternal instinct of a female dog that has recently whelped.  Teach kids to avoid approaching young puppies around the mother, and you should also use caution when handling the puppies. Ensure the dog and puppies have a safe place with minimal interruption.

5. Prey Drive 

This could also cause dog biting. Another instinct to become familiar with is sometimes triggered by cycling or running past a dog, ending up in a chase.  If you are cycling or jogging, be aware of your environment.  If you notice a roaming dog, avoid crossing its paths.  If the dog starts chasing you, the best course of action is to be still and stand upright facing it.  Be abreast of the movements of the dog but avoid making eye contact, which could be viewed by the dog as a challenge.  It could come up to you and sniff but will ultimately find you boring and move on to something else.  If you are knocked over by a dog, curl up in a ball guarding your face, neck, and hands and remain still.  Teach kids to do the same by setting up a drill for a mock "stray dog."

Warning Signs of Dog Bite 

Recognizing the common triggers that result in dog biting will empower you to dodge these circumstances.  The certain behavior usually comes before dog biting, which can be used by a shrewd observer as a caution.  Steps can then be taken to reduce the fear or stress of the dog.  

Typically, the ears are pinned back, the fur may stand up on the back, and the whites of the eyes might become visible.  They could also yawn to show off their teeth, and this should also be viewed as a warning sign.  Non-social behavior like becoming frozen in response to a look or touch followed by an intense, direct eye contact from the dog is another distinct sign that it could bite.

We can deal with a dog that bites. Bring your dog to the Good Dog Ranch today!

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Training A Puppy: The Basics


You may think that all you need to carry out your puppy training with that cute little dog you just bought a home is a collar and leash.

However, you may not want to venture out into the big world with him just yet, even though you can begin by giving basic commands and having him walking alongside you. Your local vet will probably tell you that your puppy should have all his required vaccinations before you think about taking him outside, especially near to any park where other dogs tend to go.

And you will probably find that your growing dog will have a lot of energy, as he needs to be at least three months old before he has his rabies shot. Depending on when you begin the entire process, you will also need to wait another month after that before he gets his final booster.

But if you and your dog are getting cabin fever, there are still some necessary steps towards dog training that you can do inside the house:

Introduce the Leash and Collar

One of the most important things when it comes to training is to get your puppy used to wearing a leash and collar and to associate them with positive feelings. Put on the collar and leash when your pup is getting affection, playing, feeding or something else positive and then slip the leash and collar on him; this can be done when he is a few weeks old. Toys or treats can be offered if your dog seems uncomfortable or fights the collar.

Walking Inside the House

Your dog will become used to walking with you if you start to walk around your home; there's no need to walk outside if you aren't able to do that yet. Walk your pup to where you want him to go if you have a backyard and it's time for him to use the bathroom; this can be another ideal opportunity to practice some useful training without having to leave the house.

Help Him Learn to Follow

It's more difficult to train your dog to follow you while on the leash once he has grown up, so now is a good time to work on that while he is still a pup and to make sure that he doesn't end up leading you. Walk a few steps while pulling on the leash, and you will probably find that your dog will eventually get the message, after a lot of stop and starts. Rewarding your pup with a treat or some praise is appropriate at this stage of his walking training.

Practicing Obedience Training

Your dog training should continue with obedience training once your dog is between three and six months old and it's time to start taking him walking outside. However, you want to make sure your dog doesn't become confused with the training; make sure that everyone involved in the training, including yourself, is using the same basic commands, such as down, heel and sit.

The 'ask, tell and command' way of training is one of the best dog training methods. It works by asking your dog to come, sit or stay and then repeating the command in a firmer tone of voice if your dog doesn't comply the first time. You may have to physically pull your dog towards you, or make him sit if he still doesn't understand. However, you should make a point of immediately praising or rewarding your dog, regardless of whether you have to help him carry out the command or he does it by himself. He may obey the command more quickly next time if he associates the reward with the command or action. 

You will find that your dog obeys you sooner than you might think once you start a consistent and effective training program, and one of the keys to success is starting at an early age.

Obedience training is never easier with Good Dog Ranch & Spa. It's time to bring your dog to a professional trainer to learn. Come to give our ranch a visit:

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Choosing The Right Dog Groomer For Your Pooch

Gracie is the newest graduate of our Puppy Groom Package, and was a star for her first full body haircut!

Gracie is the newest graduate of our Puppy Groom Package, and was a star for her first full body haircut!

You may need to find a good dog groomer if your pooch is beginning to look just a little too shaggy. However, you will need to do some research and find a good dog grooming establishment that you feel you can trust, as you will be leaving your dog in their care for a few hours while the groomer goes to work with clippers and shears. 

Why You Should Hire A Professional Groomer Instead of DIY

Your comfort level in handling the task of grooming your dog yourself will play a big part in determining whether you need to use the services of a groomer, as well as the type of dog you have. It is fairly easy to carry out basic brushing, combing, and bathing as well as trim your dog's nails and clean his ears yourself. You will have to have plenty of patience as well as the time in which to carry out your grooming, and of course, you will need to buy some basic tools, such as a brush for removing tangles, and clippers. 

Many dogs won't sit still for dog grooming, so having a second person around to help can be useful too. And you can probably still groom your dog even if he is one of those long-haired breeds or he has a thick coat that becomes matted easily. However, you may need to hire a professional dog groomer if you just don't have the time or patience, or your dog needs more complex procedures, such as a haircut or his fur. Your dog may fear the grooming process if you don't do the job properly, and it's also easy to accidentally hurt him if you aren't comfortable with the task.


Choosing a Dog Groomer

Your vet probably knows some reputable local dog groomers, and you can also ask your dog trainer to recommend someone, or of course check with any friends or family who own a dog and perhaps use a groomer regularly.

Narrow Down Your List

Your local Better Business Bureau is a good resource to find out who you should work with. The BBB will be able to advise you if any of the dog groomers on your list have had any complaints brought against them. Of course, the Internet has also become a useful tool, and before deciding on a dog groomer, you may want to look at reviews and comments about local grooming companies from customers.

Call the dog groomer once you feel you have identified one that you would like to use. Most puppy grooming companies don't mind giving you a brief tour of their facility, and that's also a good opportunity to ask any questions you have, as well as asking to see references from existing customers and the grooming facility's medical and vaccination records for each of their four-legged customers. 

Ask about breaks for play and to use the bathroom, the qualifications of the staff, and whether pets are sitting under a hot blow-dryer are regularly monitored. And check out the facility too; whether it seems clean, efficiently run, well organized, and whether the cages allow your dog enough room. In short, is it somewhere you feel comfortable taking your dog?

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Quality Dog Grooming: It's More Difficult Than You Think


We are confident that many pet owners who visit our dog grooming spa will agree with our self-assessment process. Having a well-groomed dog is a joy and a pleasure, and it can be much better to let an experienced professional do the job. Handling a finicky animal who requires a more complex style does need some expertise and training that a professional provides.

Owners have the option of doing the job themselves. It is their pet, but the process of being a dog groomer can be time-consuming and messy. Taking the time to be careful will allow for a gorgeous style without making a big mess, but it is also true that skilled hands can find fleas and ticks. The owner might want to avoid the mess and see what a professional sees.

Pet grooming can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be more complicated than it seems at first. Some animals cannot sit still and become extremely anxious that the procedure will cause some form of harm. Having them remain in poses for long periods of time can be stressful for the animal, even though it is necessary to get the grooming complicated.

There are tricks to find a way out of this predicament. Many owners are not the biggest fans of grooming, and their pets might be of the same opinion. Here are three tips to groom your pets with no stress whatsoever. Analyze your local dog groomer to make sure they’re following these three tricks.

Have Treats on Hand

Using rewards to reinforce desired behaviour is an old trick and still effective. Animals ought to do it for the love of their owners, but sometimes food is the more stimulating reward. This trick is the number one way to calm your dog down while performing a groom.

A pet will resist grooming because of its tedious nature. If they learn to associate a food reward with the activity, they might start to look more forward to it. Giving them treats at pauses breaks a painful task into shorter tasks. Dogs have notoriously short attention spans, but can be taught to sit still for a length of time.

Anxiety as a long and complicated task will start to diminish. One chore becomes several shorter chores. The owner will start to see real change in how a dog behaves during grooming. They might start to develop a very different attitude with proper reinforcement.

Taking Advantage of All Forms of Reinforcement

It might be better to practice a session rather than jumping to the real thing. It might seem like a waste of time, but the benefits are real. Practice can be less stressful than the real thing.

Grooming tools come in many different sizes. Electrical tools create loud vibrations that alert animals with sensitive hearing. Dogs prefer things quiet, and electric hair clippers quickly become a strong signal that grooming is approaching for better or worse.

Going through the paces of trimming without an electrical device running can ease some tension. It breaks the association with perceived harm. A painless session might ingrain the message that the devices do not harm. It might cause a dog to flinch less.

Getting a dog used to the feel and look of a pair of clippers is important to familiarization. If the dog is afraid of such things, they will react without the motor running. If the pet does not react, then letting them sit in proximity to the running device can further defuse their tension.

Keep Early Sessions Short

It might be easiest to break large jobs into parts. The first trim should be as short as possible. Even troublesome pets might be able to sit for at least a minute at a time.

Trying to get the job done all at once might seem faster, but the pet might not be ready for this. The animal must become familiar with the sounds and the sensations. As the sessions get longer, the pet should be able to stay still for long.

Once the animal loses its fear of grooming, then full sessions will become a breeze. It does pay to accustom them to what might for them seem like a scary process. What seems terrifying might even become enjoyable as the pet sees the pleasure of the owner. If food reward was part of the process, it is best to continue using it.

Sound a bit overwhelming? No problem, our professional pet groomers at Good Dog are here to help so contact us now!

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All You Need To Know About Dog Grooming


Dog grooming can be more complicated than we initially expect. For example, some dogs can get snappy and will often bite their groomers when they are being groomed. For example, grooming a dog goes beyond merely brushing hair and grooming nails, it requires understanding some of these tendencies (like biting) and handling them appropriately. Below, we take a closer look at all the things you will need to groom your dog.

Yes, dogs tend to be irritated of the possibility of being groomed. Therefore, the first step to help you groom a dog is to understand how dogs think and operate. This will allow you to groom your dog without triggering anxiety and fears that may be expected thanks to being hurt before by a groomer who perhaps brushed too hard or cut nails too low. Consequently, the pup will bite to let you know he/she has a history with poor groomers.

STEP 1: Find A Spot

Some spots are better for grooming than others. The best spot in the home for grooming your dog is one that allows your pup to get distracted while you groom him or her. For example, perhaps you could choose a spot by a window that allows the pup to look outdoors or maybe a spot facing the TV for pups who love television.

STEP 2: Bathroom Break

Before grooming your pup, make sure he/she has a bathroom break and some light exercise. A quick walk outdoors and the opportunity to have your pup do its business will help to release some anxiety and tension so that your pup can relax more during the grooming session. 

STEP 3: Be Mindful

As you groom a dog, that dog will respond to your every action. Your pup is no different. As such, as you groom your dog, be sure to pay attention to how he is behaving throughout the process. These behaviors will serve as cues. Also, be sure to give your pup praises and treats whenever he is behaving well during the grooming session to encourage that kind of behavior. 

STEP 4: Have A Conversation

Actively engaging with your pup while you groom him or she will help to promote positive responses throughout the dog grooming session. While your pup may not be able to respond in the way a human can, your pup will respond positively to encouraging and happy tones in your voice. Therefore, speak to your pup in a happy, calm, and positive tone, using plenty of praise. 

STEP 5: Have Fun

Of course, dogs love to play. As such, your dog grooming session should be injected with as much fun as is possible. The more fun you make the entire process, the more relaxed your pup is likely to be during grooming.  

BONUS TIP: Take Frequent Breaks

Be sure to keep grooming sessions short when just starting out so that your puppy can become acclimatized to the process. Additionally, be sure to add frequent enough breaks so that your pup can go outside and stretch its legs. This is particularly important when the pup is younger and have a shorter attention span in addition to just getting used to being groomed. Sooner, rather than later, your pup will be able to enjoy an entire pet grooming session in one go.

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Is Doggy Daycare Right For Your Dog?


Puppies can easily become aggressive towards other dogs or develop anxiety if they don't get enough socializing, and for that reason, daycare is usually ideal for them to ensure they get that all important socialization.

Keep in mind that unfortunately not all dog owners are responsible, and not all dogs are friendly and in the best of health, meaning that the local dog park isn't the best place to socialize.

However, you can safely assume that puppies have been given the care necessary for their age at a doggy daycare and that the dogs there have received all required vaccinations and are generally in good health. The experienced staff makes a point of ensuring that all the dogs are having fun and behaving appropriately, and all dogs there will have been tested for calm temperament.

Just like adolescent children, adolescent dogs need to be kept occupied, or they will find something to do, which is sometimes destructive or annoying. Make sure you kept an adolescent dog amused and occupied, with plenty to distract him. You will probably appreciate your dog daycare a lot more when your dog comes home tired and content, and not in the mood to play or run around.

Behavioural issues may be something you have to deal with if you have a working dog that is too inactive. Rather than a working dog that's unemployed, make sure they have something to do - it's what they need. These dogs can run around to their heart's content in a dog daycare.

However, some dogs aren't well suited to doggy daycare, and dog sitting one on one may be a better solution. We offer both at Good Dog Ranch and Spa so please get in contact with our professionals so we can find out what the best fit is for your dog.

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Tips For Finding The Best Groomer For Your Dog


1. Inspect the salon before making a decision

Check it and make certain that the salon is organized and its operations are structured. Ensure its cleanliness. These precautions can prevent your dog from getting infected by skin diseases 

2. Check the credentials of the groomer

Your Groomer should be well educated and trained to attend to your dog. She should be able to answer grooming questions, and be skilled in dealing with all dog grooming issues. Be cautious of those groomers who shy away from answering the question you have on dog grooming.  Chances are they are new and will not take proper care of your dog. 

3. Inspect the products

Do a quick research on the products the salon uses for dog grooming. Look out for high standard shampoos, expensive conditioners, and chemical free rinses. If you observe the products are not well maintained or are dirty, it is better not to leave your dogs at such centres. 

4. Find out about the history and present standing of the salon

Look out for details on how long the Salon has been in business and found out about the reputation the business. Look out for valid accreditation and testimonials from existing clients.  You can also check online reviews of the salon. By doing proper research, you will save your time and take your dog to the best salon in town. 

5. Medical knowledge is an added advantage 

A groomer who is well-versed in with basic medical knowledge can have a better understanding of the dog breed, age, and health issues with your pet. The dogs can react differently to grooming depending on their breed and health issues. The groomer should be aware of conditions such as hip dysplasia, disc ailments, and different types of allergies.  A professional groomer will ask for the medical history of your dog and any sensitive conditions and history of specific allergies. These details are very important as it can help the salon to deal with any emergency while the dogs in the salon's treatment. 

By checking the list, you and the groomer can decide if going for grooming is possible with the health conditions and what procedures are in place to deal with any emergency. Having a medical background also allows the groomer to give details on any health issues she observed while taking care of your dog. 

6. If your dog gets anxious and scared, ask the groomer how to calm the dog down for grooming. 

A professional groomer knows how to keep a dog calm using reward techniques and natural methods. Some grooming centres have many people looking after every dog during the grooming. Others provide a one-on-one session where a single dog groomer takes care of your dog. If your dog is an anxious one getting him groomed by a single person is a good idea. 

7. Look out for the salon's fee structure

Check the fee structure and the personal grooming package. Some centres offer a group deal where you can get services such as hair cutting, clipping, teeth brush, or paw pad wash in a package deal. These are good bargains to look out for. Other salons do not offer group services, and there are different pricing for different grooming options.  These salons are suitable if you wish to do particular grooming such as soaping and bathing of your dog.  There are some salons that might charge more for an exclusive brand of shampoos or exclusive grooming options. Find out all details on pricing and also ascertain that the whether the establishment is charging more when dealing with aggressive dogs. 

8. Give due consideration to your own observations

 Always rely on your feelings about the groomer. Do you find her courteous and attentive to your questions? Does she look friendly and willing to love your dog as you do? How well is she interacting with other clients? If you do not get a good feeling about her and the salon, it is better to walk away then to leave your dog in such an establishment. 

9. Observer, your dog after a grooming appointment

If your dog appeared fatigued, lazy, or suffer from diarrhea, it is an indication of stress. You can reach out to the groomer and explain the situation to her. If she cannot provide you with reasonable answers, it is better never to take the dog back to her salon again. 

You take your dog to the groomer with the best intentions in mind. You want your dog cleaned, happy and calm by taking him to the best dog grooming establishment. By following these suggestions, you will be able to make a correct choice for him and get the best results.

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