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Dog grooming can be more complicated than we initially expect. For example, some dogs can get snappy and will often bite their groomers when they are being groomed. For example, grooming a dog goes beyond merely brushing hair and grooming nails, it requires understanding some of these tendencies (like biting) and handling them appropriately. Below, we take a closer look at all the things you will need to groom your dog.

Yes, dogs tend to be irritated of the possibility of being groomed. Therefore, the first step to help you groom a dog is to understand how dogs think and operate. This will allow you to groom your dog without triggering anxiety and fears that may be expected thanks to being hurt before by a groomer who perhaps brushed too hard or cut nails too low. Consequently, the pup will bite to let you know he/she has a history with poor groomers.

STEP 1: Find A Spot

Some spots are better for grooming than others. The best spot in the home for grooming your dog is one that allows your pup to get distracted while you groom him or her. For example, perhaps you could choose a spot by a window that allows the pup to look outdoors or maybe a spot facing the TV for pups who love television.

STEP 2: Bathroom Break

Before grooming your pup, make sure he/she has a bathroom break and some light exercise. A quick walk outdoors and the opportunity to have your pup do its business will help to release some anxiety and tension so that your pup can relax more during the grooming session. 

STEP 3: Be Mindful

As you groom a dog, that dog will respond to your every action. Your pup is no different. As such, as you groom your dog, be sure to pay attention to how he is behaving throughout the process. These behaviors will serve as cues. Also, be sure to give your pup praises and treats whenever he is behaving well during the grooming session to encourage that kind of behavior. 

STEP 4: Have A Conversation

Actively engaging with your pup while you groom him or she will help to promote positive responses throughout the dog grooming session. While your pup may not be able to respond in the way a human can, your pup will respond positively to encouraging and happy tones in your voice. Therefore, speak to your pup in a happy, calm, and positive tone, using plenty of praise. 

STEP 5: Have Fun

Of course, dogs love to play. As such, your dog grooming session should be injected with as much fun as is possible. The more fun you make the entire process, the more relaxed your pup is likely to be during grooming.  

BONUS TIP: Take Frequent Breaks

Be sure to keep grooming sessions short when just starting out so that your puppy can become acclimatized to the process. Additionally, be sure to add frequent enough breaks so that your pup can go outside and stretch its legs. This is particularly important when the pup is younger and have a shorter attention span in addition to just getting used to being groomed. Sooner, rather than later, your pup will be able to enjoy an entire pet grooming session in one go.

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