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Puppies can easily become aggressive towards other dogs or develop anxiety if they don't get enough socializing, and for that reason, daycare is usually ideal for them to ensure they get that all important socialization.

Keep in mind that unfortunately not all dog owners are responsible, and not all dogs are friendly and in the best of health, meaning that the local dog park isn't the best place to socialize.

However, you can safely assume that puppies have been given the care necessary for their age at a doggy daycare and that the dogs there have received all required vaccinations and are generally in good health. The experienced staff makes a point of ensuring that all the dogs are having fun and behaving appropriately, and all dogs there will have been tested for calm temperament.

Just like adolescent children, adolescent dogs need to be kept occupied, or they will find something to do, which is sometimes destructive or annoying. Make sure you kept an adolescent dog amused and occupied, with plenty to distract him. You will probably appreciate your dog daycare a lot more when your dog comes home tired and content, and not in the mood to play or run around.

Behavioural issues may be something you have to deal with if you have a working dog that is too inactive. Rather than a working dog that's unemployed, make sure they have something to do - it's what they need. These dogs can run around to their heart's content in a dog daycare.

However, some dogs aren't well suited to doggy daycare, and dog sitting one on one may be a better solution. We offer both at Good Dog Ranch and Spa so please get in contact with our professionals so we can find out what the best fit is for your dog.

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