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We are confident that many pet owners who visit our dog grooming spa will agree with our self-assessment process. Having a well-groomed dog is a joy and a pleasure, and it can be much better to let an experienced professional do the job. Handling a finicky animal who requires a more complex style does need some expertise and training that a professional provides.

Owners have the option of doing the job themselves. It is their pet, but the process of being a dog groomer can be time-consuming and messy. Taking the time to be careful will allow for a gorgeous style without making a big mess, but it is also true that skilled hands can find fleas and ticks. The owner might want to avoid the mess and see what a professional sees.

Pet grooming can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be more complicated than it seems at first. Some animals cannot sit still and become extremely anxious that the procedure will cause some form of harm. Having them remain in poses for long periods of time can be stressful for the animal, even though it is necessary to get the grooming complicated.

There are tricks to find a way out of this predicament. Many owners are not the biggest fans of grooming, and their pets might be of the same opinion. Here are three tips to groom your pets with no stress whatsoever. Analyze your local dog groomer to make sure they’re following these three tricks.

Have Treats on Hand

Using rewards to reinforce desired behaviour is an old trick and still effective. Animals ought to do it for the love of their owners, but sometimes food is the more stimulating reward. This trick is the number one way to calm your dog down while performing a groom.

A pet will resist grooming because of its tedious nature. If they learn to associate a food reward with the activity, they might start to look more forward to it. Giving them treats at pauses breaks a painful task into shorter tasks. Dogs have notoriously short attention spans, but can be taught to sit still for a length of time.

Anxiety as a long and complicated task will start to diminish. One chore becomes several shorter chores. The owner will start to see real change in how a dog behaves during grooming. They might start to develop a very different attitude with proper reinforcement.

Taking Advantage of All Forms of Reinforcement

It might be better to practice a session rather than jumping to the real thing. It might seem like a waste of time, but the benefits are real. Practice can be less stressful than the real thing.

Grooming tools come in many different sizes. Electrical tools create loud vibrations that alert animals with sensitive hearing. Dogs prefer things quiet, and electric hair clippers quickly become a strong signal that grooming is approaching for better or worse.

Going through the paces of trimming without an electrical device running can ease some tension. It breaks the association with perceived harm. A painless session might ingrain the message that the devices do not harm. It might cause a dog to flinch less.

Getting a dog used to the feel and look of a pair of clippers is important to familiarization. If the dog is afraid of such things, they will react without the motor running. If the pet does not react, then letting them sit in proximity to the running device can further defuse their tension.

Keep Early Sessions Short

It might be easiest to break large jobs into parts. The first trim should be as short as possible. Even troublesome pets might be able to sit for at least a minute at a time.

Trying to get the job done all at once might seem faster, but the pet might not be ready for this. The animal must become familiar with the sounds and the sensations. As the sessions get longer, the pet should be able to stay still for long.

Once the animal loses its fear of grooming, then full sessions will become a breeze. It does pay to accustom them to what might for them seem like a scary process. What seems terrifying might even become enjoyable as the pet sees the pleasure of the owner. If food reward was part of the process, it is best to continue using it.

Sound a bit overwhelming? No problem, our professional pet groomers at Good Dog are here to help so contact us now!

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