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Why Hiring A Professional Is Better Than DIYing Dog Grooming


It would be no surprise if you went out often along with your dog. However, you would like your dog to other dogs and people you happen to pass. Are you aware how to make dogs look good without any struggle? This is the reason that you ought to hire a dog groomer. Groomers provide lots of benefits to us including:

  • Proper grooming

  • Cutting nails sans hassle

  • Locating parasites

  • Professional haircuts

  • Finding the beginnings quicker than you

  • Using the right supplies

  • Soothing massage

Grooming Done Right

We are aware that grooming is not all about snipping some fur here and there, as there is a different method for different types of dogs. Owners who cut their dogs hair on their own could risk hurting the skin of their dog. On the contrary, a professional dog groomer inspects the paw of your dog for thorns, cuts, and so forth.

Assisting in Illness Prevention

Skin problems are the root of many potential illnesses in a dog. However, it could be hard to tell at a single glance because of the fur. Professional dog groomers have the opportunity to inspect your dog from close quarters to see if he has any issues. This can include gum bleeding, lumps, bald patches, and skin discolouration to name a few.

The Dreaded Nail-Cutting Procedure

Cat owners are not the only ones who have to struggle to cut the nails of their pet. Dogs too can be equally fussy as claw-cutting can hurt them if done improperly. Their nails consist of sensitivities, which you absolutely cannot cut. The professional dog groomer knows exactly where and how to cut the claws. Your dog will love the groomer so much that they will start pleading to you to call the professional every time you lift the nail clippers.

Hidden Parasites

Ticks, fleas, and all types of little pests can suck the blood out of your dog without ever being seen. A dog groomer knows where to look for these little and annoying bugs. Our well-trained professionals will be able to instantly detect if anything is crawling around the ears, on the skin, or in the fur


Different Tools for Different Fur Types

Have you seen a movie with a salon in, or have you visited a salon or and noticed all of the different combs, brushes, and other hair tools the employees use? This is because different humans have different types of hair. The same principle applies to dogs as well. Before hiring a dog groomer, ensure they have the proper tools required for your particular dog. Appropriate grooming instruments decrease the discomfort your dog will feel during the procedure.

Professional Hair Cuts

Does your dog require a haircut? Our dog grooming professionals would know even though you may not. We know whether or not a haircut is necessary or the correct length with which to cut your dog's hair. Your dog will leave us in style when we give him a haircut. Fur cuts do not only need to be healthy. We always strive to ensure that our clients look their best once we have completed grooming them.

Dog Grooming Coquitlam

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Everything You Need To Know About Taking Your Dog To The Groomers


There is much more to choosing a dog groomer than going through the yellow pages and making a call to discuss price.  Before placing your dog in the care of a groomer, there are a number of questions you should ask and things you should look for. 

The first step is deciding what you want from the groomer and find one who can deliver the type of dog grooming service you desire. But before that, you should look for groomers who have a reputation for keeping dogs safe.   

Most dog owners are clueless about the challenges and safety risks involved in dog grooming. Grooming involves the use of tremendously sharp metal instruments on animals that are oblivious to the dangers involved with a sudden movement.  

Even diligent, experienced dog groomers who are careful have accidents sometimes, particularly with intolerant older dogs, puppies, untrained dogs and hyperactive dogs.  Find out how these situations are handled by the groomer you are considering and what methods are used to keep the dog still.    

If your dog is a biter, that information should be shared with the groomer.  The groomer should also know if the dog has a medical condition or sensitivity issues in certain areas of the body.  This type of information allows groomers to plan ahead and use the right techniques to ensure safety.  A good groomer always informs owners of any nick or cut that may happen during the process. Have an honest discussion, while keeping in mind that accidents sometimes happen.  

Visit Multiple Groomers

It is important to visit several local groomers before deciding on one.  The busiest time for most grooming shops is around 10 a.m. or 11 a.m.; this is the ideal time to drop in to book a reservation as it provides the perfect opportunity to view how they operate.  You will be able to casually observe how the dogs are treated while being groomed and if that is acceptable to you.

You should also choose a groomer whose personality is compatible with the needs of your pet.  If you have a hyper or uncontrollable dog, a groomer with a peaceful, calming personality could be the best option.

Additional Things to Notice

Is the shop clean? If the smell of feces or urine immediately bombards you, just leave.  While it is not rare for a salon to be a bit smelly during business hours, strong unpleasant odors are unacceptable.  Is there an overwhelming smell of chemicals like bleach? If it is unpleasant for you, your dog could feel the same way.  Essentially, you want to get a sense of professionalism and cleanliness.  
Observe how dogs are handled, especially upon entering the store.  You may see a dog being restrained physically; this is quite typical and is usually necessary for the safety of both the dog and the groomer.  However, if you notice a lack of compassion or overly rough handling, you should leave.  Good groomers never display frustration or anger toward animals because of their behavior; professionals remain calm so the situation won't escalate and compromise safety. 

Are dogs left unattended?  If a dog is on an elevated table with its neck in a groomers noose and left unattended, you should leave.  Yearly, a number of unattended dogs die from asphyxiation by hanging themselves.  If there are two straps securing the dog, one around its neck and one around its waist, then it is acceptable for the groomer to take a few steps away to get a nearby item.  However, becoming distracted or leaving the room is unacceptable and increases the likelihood of an accident.

Ask about the techniques used for drying pets.  If cage dryers are used, ask to see them and if the timers work.  There are a number of publicized incidents regarding cage dryers causing unattended pets to overheat.  Pets in cage dryers should have a bowl of water, and the groomer should be close by.  A reputable groomer consistently checks on the dog's condition. 

Find out the level of experience the groomer has with your particular breed of dog and whether he or she is capable of providing the desired haircut.  For dogs with long coats, you might not be able to get a quoted price from the groomer without him or her seeing your dog.  Typically, the price varies according to matting and other coat conditions.  For short-haired dogs, you could be able to get a more definitive quote.  For dogs with allergies or other special conditions, ensure the groomer has the right shampoos to satisfy the needs of your pet.  

You can make the appointment if everything has looked and felt right up to this point and you feel comfortable.

Showing Up for the Grooming Appointment

Ensure you arrive early for your appointment.  Professional dog grooming businesses are typically busy, and their schedule is dictated by the number of reservations they have made for any given day.  Even a 10-minute delay could affect the schedule, and sometimes they have to move on to another grooming; this could result in you having a much longer wait time or even having to come back another day.   After all, this is a business, and they have to do what is necessary to keep it profitable.  

If the coat of your pet is very dirty, matted or in another bad condition, do not expect show-quality grooming.  It is likely that they could suggest entirely shaving the dog and starting over from scratch.  From the start, an experienced and reputable dog groomer will inform you of what he or she can and cannot do based on the condition of the coat of your dog.

If a verbal report of the grooming is not forthcoming when you go to pick up your dog, you should ask how it went.  Ensure the quality of the work is inspected before leaving the shop so adjustments can be made, if necessary.  It is not a good idea to wait for days to pass before complaining that you are dissatisfied with the results of the grooming.

Dog Grooming Coquitlam

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Quality Dog Grooming: It's More Difficult Than You Think


We are confident that many pet owners who visit our dog grooming spa will agree with our self-assessment process. Having a well-groomed dog is a joy and a pleasure, and it can be much better to let an experienced professional do the job. Handling a finicky animal who requires a more complex style does need some expertise and training that a professional provides.

Owners have the option of doing the job themselves. It is their pet, but the process of being a dog groomer can be time-consuming and messy. Taking the time to be careful will allow for a gorgeous style without making a big mess, but it is also true that skilled hands can find fleas and ticks. The owner might want to avoid the mess and see what a professional sees.

Pet grooming can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be more complicated than it seems at first. Some animals cannot sit still and become extremely anxious that the procedure will cause some form of harm. Having them remain in poses for long periods of time can be stressful for the animal, even though it is necessary to get the grooming complicated.

There are tricks to find a way out of this predicament. Many owners are not the biggest fans of grooming, and their pets might be of the same opinion. Here are three tips to groom your pets with no stress whatsoever. Analyze your local dog groomer to make sure they’re following these three tricks.

Have Treats on Hand

Using rewards to reinforce desired behaviour is an old trick and still effective. Animals ought to do it for the love of their owners, but sometimes food is the more stimulating reward. This trick is the number one way to calm your dog down while performing a groom.

A pet will resist grooming because of its tedious nature. If they learn to associate a food reward with the activity, they might start to look more forward to it. Giving them treats at pauses breaks a painful task into shorter tasks. Dogs have notoriously short attention spans, but can be taught to sit still for a length of time.

Anxiety as a long and complicated task will start to diminish. One chore becomes several shorter chores. The owner will start to see real change in how a dog behaves during grooming. They might start to develop a very different attitude with proper reinforcement.

Taking Advantage of All Forms of Reinforcement

It might be better to practice a session rather than jumping to the real thing. It might seem like a waste of time, but the benefits are real. Practice can be less stressful than the real thing.

Grooming tools come in many different sizes. Electrical tools create loud vibrations that alert animals with sensitive hearing. Dogs prefer things quiet, and electric hair clippers quickly become a strong signal that grooming is approaching for better or worse.

Going through the paces of trimming without an electrical device running can ease some tension. It breaks the association with perceived harm. A painless session might ingrain the message that the devices do not harm. It might cause a dog to flinch less.

Getting a dog used to the feel and look of a pair of clippers is important to familiarization. If the dog is afraid of such things, they will react without the motor running. If the pet does not react, then letting them sit in proximity to the running device can further defuse their tension.

Keep Early Sessions Short

It might be easiest to break large jobs into parts. The first trim should be as short as possible. Even troublesome pets might be able to sit for at least a minute at a time.

Trying to get the job done all at once might seem faster, but the pet might not be ready for this. The animal must become familiar with the sounds and the sensations. As the sessions get longer, the pet should be able to stay still for long.

Once the animal loses its fear of grooming, then full sessions will become a breeze. It does pay to accustom them to what might for them seem like a scary process. What seems terrifying might even become enjoyable as the pet sees the pleasure of the owner. If food reward was part of the process, it is best to continue using it.

Sound a bit overwhelming? No problem, our professional pet groomers at Good Dog are here to help so contact us now!

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