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Choosing The Right Dog Groomer For Your Pooch

Gracie is the newest graduate of our Puppy Groom Package, and was a star for her first full body haircut!

Gracie is the newest graduate of our Puppy Groom Package, and was a star for her first full body haircut!

You may need to find a good dog groomer if your pooch is beginning to look just a little too shaggy. However, you will need to do some research and find a good dog grooming establishment that you feel you can trust, as you will be leaving your dog in their care for a few hours while the groomer goes to work with clippers and shears. 

Why You Should Hire A Professional Groomer Instead of DIY

Your comfort level in handling the task of grooming your dog yourself will play a big part in determining whether you need to use the services of a groomer, as well as the type of dog you have. It is fairly easy to carry out basic brushing, combing, and bathing as well as trim your dog's nails and clean his ears yourself. You will have to have plenty of patience as well as the time in which to carry out your grooming, and of course, you will need to buy some basic tools, such as a brush for removing tangles, and clippers. 

Many dogs won't sit still for dog grooming, so having a second person around to help can be useful too. And you can probably still groom your dog even if he is one of those long-haired breeds or he has a thick coat that becomes matted easily. However, you may need to hire a professional dog groomer if you just don't have the time or patience, or your dog needs more complex procedures, such as a haircut or his fur. Your dog may fear the grooming process if you don't do the job properly, and it's also easy to accidentally hurt him if you aren't comfortable with the task.


Choosing a Dog Groomer

Your vet probably knows some reputable local dog groomers, and you can also ask your dog trainer to recommend someone, or of course check with any friends or family who own a dog and perhaps use a groomer regularly.

Narrow Down Your List

Your local Better Business Bureau is a good resource to find out who you should work with. The BBB will be able to advise you if any of the dog groomers on your list have had any complaints brought against them. Of course, the Internet has also become a useful tool, and before deciding on a dog groomer, you may want to look at reviews and comments about local grooming companies from customers.

Call the dog groomer once you feel you have identified one that you would like to use. Most puppy grooming companies don't mind giving you a brief tour of their facility, and that's also a good opportunity to ask any questions you have, as well as asking to see references from existing customers and the grooming facility's medical and vaccination records for each of their four-legged customers. 

Ask about breaks for play and to use the bathroom, the qualifications of the staff, and whether pets are sitting under a hot blow-dryer are regularly monitored. And check out the facility too; whether it seems clean, efficiently run, well organized, and whether the cages allow your dog enough room. In short, is it somewhere you feel comfortable taking your dog?

Port Coquitlam Dog Grooming

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