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Daycare, Boarding & Grooming Facility

Maple Ridge: An amazing city for owning a dog. Amazing trails like the dyke system, Golden Ears Provincial Park, and many other smaller trails around the city provide a perfect place to bring your dog for a walk. We know that Maple Ridge dog-lovers take pampering and caring for their animals seriously. Good Dog strives to pamper your pet just like they were at home! Bring your pup to us today to get the best grooming, boarding, and daycare services near the Maple Ridge Area.



Dog grooming

At Good Dog Grooming in Maple Ridge, BC we believe each dog needs to leave happy with the care they have received, in order to consider it a successful day.  After all, they are our clients.

It is our mission to provide gentle, compassionate, low stress dog grooming to make your dog's spa day as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.  We believe that pet grooming doesn't need to be scary or unpleasant, and that a little bit of empathy goes a long way towards a happy dog grooming experience and a great doggy-groomer relationship.

Dog Boarding & Daycare Services

The care programs used at Good Dog Ranch & Spa’s daycare and boarding services are designed and overseen by Certified Professional Dog Trainers with an extensive and diverse education in dog behaviour, health and safety.

We will reinforce good manners and obedience while you are away - whether just for the day, or for long-term boarding and everything in between! Your dog will be provided with mentally and physically stimulating exercises to keep their mind and body occupied to prevent the anxiety of being separated from their normal routines.



Training Classes

At Good Dog, we provide training that works!  Imagine no more embarrassing encounters caused by your dog's unwanted behaviour.  Imagine a dog that listens to you reliably.  Imagine enjoying walks with your dog again or for the first time.

Our programs allow you the opportunity to work with your dog in a controlled setting, providing an environment that will help your dog learn to focus on you and ignore distractions.

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