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Maple Ridge, BC Crime Rate Stats

Moving from a different country can be exciting. People run from the different parts of the world, and they select British Columbia as the final destination. There are many fantastic places to choose from BC. However, it depends on the preferences of an individual.

Checking the Crime Rate

When deciding to move to a city in British Columbia for example, Vancouver or Maple Ridge, it is essential to check the crime rate in advance. There are different means of finding the information about the crime in a particular place. Newspapers, magazines, past news, forums, can be the best places to search for the facts and figures. It is always wise to check the information in advance before making a final decision.

Settling Down at Maple Ridge

Vancouver can be quite expensive for the majority of people; however, choosing a place like Maple Ridge can be a great idea. Some percentage of crime exists everywhere, but it is always wise to make a comparison. The situation of the city was different five years ago in comparison to what it is now. The history of Maple Ridge dates back to 1874.

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Crime Map of Maple Ridge

The crime map of Maple Ridge can give a clear picture of the kind of crime, which is common at Maple Ridge. It provides information on the recent data as well as the last five years. There is information on bike theft, break, theft, mischief, theft from vehicle, other property crime, auto theft, and much more. Before making a final decision to settle down, it is wise to go through the map and find out the crime rate.

Emergency Support Services

According to the official website of Maple Ridge, there are emergency support services available to the public. Different departments work in cooperation with each other to make the city a better place for the residents.

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