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Train Your Maple Ridge Dog Today With Good Dog!


 UPCOMING Class start dates

Part 1
WEd, oct 10 - nov 28 @ 7:15PM - FULL
Thurs, nov 1 - DEC 6 @ 7:15PM - 3 spots
Sat, Nov 17 - Dec 22 @ 10:00AM - 2 spots
sun, DEC 9 - JAN 20 @ 10:15AM

Part 2
Thurs, OCt 11 - Nov 15 @ 6:00PM - FULL
sat, Nov 17 - dec 22 @ 11:15am - FULL
wed, Nov 28 - jan 9 @ 6:00Pm  - Full
sun, dec 2 - jan 20 @ 9:00AM - FULL
wed, DEC 19 - jan 30 @ 7:15Pm

**Due to increased demand for classes, we will be posting more dates this fall. Please email training@gooddog.ca, if there is a class day or time you were hoping to get into that is now full, as we may be able to add additional sets on the same day.



Skills & Manners - Part 1 & 2 of our Dog Trainer Courses

This class is for ALL ages, from puppy to senior.  

If you dog has some skills, but isn’t very reliable with distractions, or if your dog is brand new to dog training, start or re-start here.  This program is like no other program.  You get our entire foundation obedience program and the skills to have a well-mannered dog all in this 12 week program!  Our Skills & Manners Program is conveniently split into two 6 week sets, Part 1 and Part 2, to allow you to break up the schedule and complete it at a pace that works for you.  In each 6 week set we will meet once a week for one hour.

 In this program we teach the following 14 commands:

  • 7 Obedience Commands - sit, down, stand, come, loose leash, heel, distance commands

  • 7 Behaviour Commands - focus, leave it, out, place (bed/mat), settle, quiet, touch/target

What are some things you can expect from this class?

  • All 12 classes are with the dogs and your orientation comes via video to watch at home, so we get right to work in the first class to get the best results from your dog!

  • Learn how to get your dog to focus on you instead of the environment!  No more Captain Distraction!

  • Learn how to teach your dog to leave your valued objects alone and only chew or play with toys that are meant for your dog.

  • Learn how to teach your dog not to jump up to great you or other people. 

  • Learn how to get your dog to LOVE returning to you when you say "Come!"

  • Learn how to enjoy walks with an introduction to loose leash manners.

  • Learn how to manage your dog's hyperactivity without adding more time exercising your dog to your already busy schedule, so you can relax and enjoy your dog more at home.  

  • Learn how to get consistent and reliable response from your dog, even around distractions.  

  • Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks!

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mundy park
sunday, DECember 2 @ 11:45am

Lions Park
To be announced

Gates Park
sunday, november 4 @ 11:45am

town centre / Lafarge Lake
sunday, October 14 @ 11:45am


Good Dogs in the City

Who should take this dog obedience and training class located in Maple Ridge, BC? 

If your dog listens great at home, but acts like you haven’t taught them anything when there are other people, dogs or distractions around, then this is the class for you!  Join us for Good Dogs in the City - Dog Training for real life!

This drop in style class is the next step for graduates of Skills & Manners - Part 1 or 2 or those who have equivalent handling skills and are ready to work with your dog in real life scenarios around all kinds of distractions.  Classes will be held at different locations and use exercises and games to practice and advance your dog training each week.  Drop in to all of them or just one or two.  Classes will rotate through 4 different locations, so if you miss a location or topic, you can always jump in the next time it is offered.

Topics that we cover in this class:

  • Manners training around other people and dogs

  • Pay attention to you around distractions

  • Stay with distractions

  • Come command around distractions

  • Leash manners

  • Socialization to new sounds, objects and places

  • Continuing your skills to Intermediate - Advanced level obedience.


Pre-requisite: Skills & Manners - Part 2, private lesson or assessment.  Register in advance, as space is limited.  No reactive dogs please.  If you are experiencing reactivity, contact us to tell us about your dog and we'll provide you with program options based on your goals. 

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Our Maple Ridge Puppy Fun Hour To Help With The doggies Training

This one-hour class is designed to maximize learning and socialization during this important developmental stage for your puppy.  This curriculum is different than the Skills & Manners dog training class!  This class covers topics specific to the puppy stage of development and each class will include some time for puppy play and meeting new people.  The dog training and obedience classes will rotate through puppy specific topics that we will focus on, in addition to the social time included in each class.

saturday, october 13 @ 9:00am - leash manners - 2 SPOTS
Monday, november 12 @ 6:00Pm - Socialization to new objects
saturday, November 24 @ 7:15pm - Mouthing, destructive chewing & handling
wednesday, december 12 @ 7:15PM - reliable recall

Recommended age 3 months - 5 months*
*Small breeds (under 30 lbs.) are welcome in Puppy Fun Hour up to 8 months of age.
* All puppies must be up to date on their vets recommended vaccination schedule for Parvo/Distemper and Rabies

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All dogs must be up to date on their vets recommended vaccination schedule for Bordetella, Parvo/Distemper and Rabies.

Your dog must be approved to attend this class

Reactive Rover Hour

For graduates of our Reactive Rover program who want extra practice with your reactive dog. 

What we cover in Reactive Rover Hour:

  • Develop and improve skills around other dogs and people

  • Practice with your dog in a safe environment with appropriate distance between dogs

  • Focus of this class is primarily exercises involving movement (walk by’s) between the dogs




TBD - Returning Spring/summer 2018

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