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Megan Loftus


Certified Professional Dog Trainer

DOGSAFE Canine First Aid Certified - Level 1 and Level 2
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
(CPDT - Good Dog Academy)
SPCA Volunteer

Dogs: Mia

Megan has had a love for animals of all shapes and sizes her entire life and being able to spread knowledge to dog owners who want a happier, healthier relationship with their pet is what she enjoys the most. She discovered this through her journey with her own dog, and so she pursued a career in Dog Training. After becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer it is now her goal to help owners and their pets understand each other on a different level. 

Her adopted dog, Mia, has helped her to work through the challenges of owning a difficult dog. Through science based training methods she has been able to teach Mia the appropriate behaviours in previously challenging scenarios and created a more positive relationship on both ends of the leash.