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Real Estate Trends in Port Moody

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Unless you are planning to purchase a house in cash, then to get a right house becomes half of your battle. Besides, the other half is to choose the best type. You might plan to purchase the best home and, therefore, Port Moody real estate trends features all the information you need.

In British Columbia, you will find that Port Moody is among the most expensive across the province. It is highly priced with their median house costing $998,000 in August. It is, therefore, essential to research before you decide to purchase a mortgage and Port Moody offers relevant information.

For a mortgage payment, there are two payment methods: interest and principal. The term principal refers to the loan amount while interest refers to an additional amount that the lenders will charge after you borrow money and repay with time.

Types of Mortgage Loans

You will not find all the mortgages as equally created, and therefore some have stringent guidelines. You might also find some lenders asking for 3% and others 20% as the down payment for the purchase price. You might also need pristine credit to qualify for a loan.

Here, you will find information on the various types of mortgage loans:

  1. Conventional Mortgages
    It is a type of investment that will not be backed by the government. As a buyer, you only qualify for the loan when you have stable employment, good credit, ability to give 3% down payment and income histories. In conventional mortgages, there are two types of loan. Conforming loans where a maximum loan limit binds them and vary by geographical area. The other is non-conforming that can’t be bought or sold.

  2. Government-insured Loans
    The government doesn’t lend although it guarantees certain loans. They must meet stringent eligibility for income, geographical areas, and loan limits.


Loan Terms

There are two types of loan terms including;

  1. Fixed-rate Mortgages
    The critical factor in a mortgage loan is the length of payment, interest rate and the way a lender prices the loan. For fixed-rate loans, it has a set interest rate for your line that you have to pay from 10 years to 30 years.

  2. Adjustable-rate Mortgages
    These types of loans have a fixed rate. The initial period is three to 10 years, and it expires after that period, and it fluctuates with the market conditions. You need to know that this type of loan is risky if you can’t afford high pay after it resets

Assistance Programs

If you are first time buyer, there are special cooperative programs that you will find in your local housing authority or state. The programs are available depending on your financial or income need.

You will find the programs in down payment grant forms. You will also get an assistant if you are a first-timer or not. Besides, the programs can save you significant money when closing the costs.


It doesn’t matter the type of loan you prefer, but you will need to check on your credit report before making a decision. You will, therefore, need to fix the errors from your credit report, pay down your debt and improve your history in case of late payments when you are approaching a mortgage lender. It is also essential if you pursue financing before you look for a home. With it, you will act fast, and the sellers will take you seriously.

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