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Dog Grooming Services

At Good Dog Grooming we believe each dog needs to leave happy with the care they have received, in order to consider it a successful day.  After all, they are our clients.

It is our mission to provide gentle, compassionate, low stress dog grooming to make your dog's spa day as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.  We believe that pet grooming doesn't need to be scary or unpleasant, and that a little bit of empathy goes a long way towards a happy dog grooming experience and a great doggy-groomer relationship.

We have carefully selected our product line to only include products that have been independently evaluated to be sure they contain pet-safe ingredients and we never offer a product or service that we wouldn't happily use on our own four legged family members. 

Our incredible dog groomers offer everything from nail trims and brush outs, to custom designed professional haircuts for your dog. If you have a specific look in mind, just ask, or leave it up to our groomers to create a style to show off your pet's character. We offer a variety of specialty packages to suit any pet's needs.

Your groomer can be a valuable member of your pet care team and open communication is very important to us. We're always happy to respond to any questions or concerns and always communicate anything we noticed during the groom back to you.


*All prices are starting points and are subject to increase for dogs who require extra care and attention due to size, coat condition, groom style, or behaviour.*

Small - Under 25 lbs
Medium - 25 - 35 lbs
Large - 35 - 65 lbs
Extra Large - 65 lbs and up


Clean Up

For the short haired dog who requires no trimming, but needs a good deep cleaning bath and loose coat removal. This package includes a bath with one of our selection of professional quality shampoos, a hand blow dry, thorough brush, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

Small - $37.00 and up
Medium - $49.00 and up
Large - $62.00 and up
Extra Large - $74.00 and up


Bath and Tidy

Love your dog’s natural look, but want them neatened up? This package is for you! Our bath and tidy package includes a shampoo with our top quality products, hand blow dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and trimming of the face, feet, sanitary areas, and feathering. 

Small - $49.00 and up
Medium - $60.00 and up
Large - $80.00 and up
Extra Large - $90.00 and up


Full Groom

This package covers everything from utility grooms, to custom designed fashion haircuts, our groomers can do it all! A full groom includes a bath with a carefully selected shampoo, hand blow dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and the haircut of your choice. 

Small - $74.00
Medium - $87.00
Large - $109.00
Extra Large - $135.00



This artisan puppy grooming style is used on wire coats to maintain the natural texture of the coat, and promote skin health. Available only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays it is a $40/hour charge on top of a Bath and Tidy package.

Anal glands and ear plucking are complimentary with any bath service, but only performed when requested. Please be sure to notify your groomer to have either service included in your groom.


Spa Solutions:

Sugar Scrub

If your dog is suffering from dry, itchy, flaky skin then a sugar scrub is just the thing! Our scrubs are custom mixed by hand, on the day of your appointment, so you can rest assured that they contain no unknown additives. The natural ingredients we use exfoliate and moisturize in one treatment to soothe flaking skin. Can be added to any service that includes a bath.



Deep Cleaning Facial

Available in either Blueberry or Cucumber Melon, our canine facials are excellent at deodorizing, and reduce the appearance of staining around the eyes and mouth. Can be added to any service that includes a bath.



Paw Soak

Your dog’s paws are exposed to all kinds of conditions throughout the year. From walking on recently salted roads and sidewalks to jogging along hot pavement they can really take a beating! With extracts of White Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey, Kelp, and Sunflower our soothing paw soak cleans and sanitizes pads, moisturizes, and helps to eliminate bacteria. We follow it up with an application of a pad balm to further soften and moisturize their feet. This upgrade can be added to any groom service, nail trim, or performed as a stand alone service. 



Aromatherapy Bath

Is your dog a bit nervous of this whole dog grooming thing? Our aloe vera based Lavender shampoo is just the thing, by tapping in to the dog’s sensitive olfactory senses we can make dog grooming a relaxing and enjoyable experience for them. Can be added to any service that includes a bath.



Deep Conditioning Treatment

Not only is this package beneficial for dogs suffering from dry skin or coat, it is unparalleled at releasing dead undercoat during shedding season! We apply a warmed conditioner to the coat, then wrap your dog up in a fluffy towel to soak, the wait time combined with the warmth encourages the hair follicle to relax and we are able to remove unbelievable amounts of loose coat! Can be added to any service that includes a bath.


Best Dog Package

All of our Spa Solutions bundled into one package. This luxurious package includes a soothing paw soak, sugar scrub, aromatherapy bath, deep conditioning treatment, facial, and toothbrushing. May be added to any service that includes a bath. 



Creative Services

*Creative services at Good Dog are always performed in a safe and humane fashion. All of the products we use are designed for pets and approved safe by the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers.*



Draw attention to those adorable puppy feet with a splash of colour! Our pawdicures include an application of pet safe nail polish in the colour of your choice.



A fun, safe, temporary way of adding some extra character to your dog’s groom. Choose from one of our stencils, or bring your own! Available only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Pricing varies based on requests.

Hair Colouring

Vibrant, long lasting colour for those who love their pet’s unique look! We are able to do anything from a small splash of colour, to more extensive creations. Available only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Pricing varies based on requests.

Dog Grooming near Burke Mountain, Westwood Plateau, Eagle Ridge, and Burquitlam

"The groomer is simply an artist - if you have a Wheaten, you know how awfully sideways these grooming outcomes can go;) Our puppy Eddie’s first haircut is amazing - I have never had my Wheatens get Wheaten-like haircuts when they still have that frizzy puppy hair."

Iveta with Eddie


"It took us a long time to research and find a perfect groomer for our crazy labs, but we decided to go with the Good Dog Ranch. No regrets there. 

Buck and Bentley came out looking so sharp and they were SOOOO soft. (Even weeks later they were still so soft) I know Buck can be a lot to handle due to having 3 legs and Bentley has a lot of anxiety and separation anxiety from me but it was amazing and the staff were amazing.

Can’t wait to bring the boys back for another spa day! : )"

Brielle with Buck and Bentley

"We also tried out the grooming for our mini poodle mix and we super happy with how cute our little girl looked.

We have specific preferences and these were addressed perfectly!

We couldn't be happier and highly recommend them - They do an amazing job!"

Angela with Joannie and Bella