Training Programs


Training Programs

Training Programs

At Good Dog Training, we provide training that works!  Imagine no more embarrassing encounters caused by your dog's unwanted behaviour.  Imagine a dog that listens to you reliably.  Imagine enjoying walks with your dog again or for the first time.

Our programs allow you the opportunity to work with your dog in a controlled setting, providing an environment that will help your dog learn to focus on you and ignore distractions.

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Foundation Obedience

If your dog has some skills, but isn’t very reliable with distractions, or if your dog is brand new to training, start or re-start here.  This program is like no other group class program offered elsewhere.  You get our entire foundation obedience program and the skills to have a well-mannered dog all in this 12 week program! 

POlished dog

Do you have a few skills that need to be addressed before getting into a group class?  Are there some issues in home that need to be addressed that won’t be covered in a group class setting?  This program includes added private sessions to target those issues specific to you and your dog.  This program is ideal for the client who wants to get started on the right foot with some one on one attention, while still getting the benefits of our fantastic group classes.

well mannered dog

Imagine being able to enjoy walks with your dog without being pulled down the street.  You can enjoy having a dog that is a pleasure to live with, that you can trust to behave around other people and dogs.  This program is ideal for the client who wants some one on one attention throughout their training program, while still getting the benefits of our fantastic group classes and training in the real world.

Complete Dog

Imagine the dog that will have all your friends and family telling you that you have the most well behaved dog ever.  A dog that will listen to you reliably, walk politely beside you and behave around other people and dogs is a dog you will enjoy spending time with.  This is what we do, even for your dog.   This program is for the family who wants their dog to learn it all!