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Living in Port Moody and Why You Should Consider It!

Port Moody is an excellent city with a lot of amenities. It is a community that people can call home. Also, it is in short distance from Vancouver. That makes it ideal for commuters who work in the big city. You can still keep your day job but enjoy the perks of smaller community living. That's why so many Vancouverites have decided to leave the chaos and make Port Moody their place of residence.

When it comes to community living, you have to look at what the place has to offer. This area has a lot of different breweries. If your idea of a well-spent Saturday is to go from venue to venue sampling their wares, then this is your hot spot. There is a trail called Brewer's Row that will allow you to stroll to all the places. Now you can see Moody Ales, The Parkside Brewery, Yellow Dogs Brewery, and West Coast Express in a straightforward venture. What could be better than not needing to enlist a Designated Driver?

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If you love promenades, then one will be built soon on Spring Street in Moody Center. There will be lighting, patio furniture, paving, and on-street parking added. This will make this area accessible to all. If you love city hikes, then Port Moody is undoubtedly for you.

And when it's time to commute to work, you can access the city quickly. The Evergreen Express and West Coast Express make the travel to Vancouver that much more comfortable. You can take the SkyTrain directly in without having to worry about buses. Also, carpooling is another excellent option if you have friends who also work in the city. Your commute will be over on the SkyTrain in 25 minutes. That's hardly a wait to get to your place of employment.

If you must stay in tune with the outdoors, Port Moody has a plethora of nature walks. Taking an ample on the Shoreline Trail can be great. This favorite trail has no doubt been highlighted on Instagram. There are also Bert Flinn Trails and Belcarra Regional Park. You don't even need to drive far to access them as they have local access points.

Everyone wants a waterfront property. And in Port Moody, you can get the envy, of well, the world. The Burrard Inlet is one of the best waterfronts in all of Vancouver. You can even see a shipwreck there. That does not happen every day. But you can view it every day if you so choose. Your pet will enjoy walking on the beach with you as well. Your dog will be even happier with you if you treat him or her to a dog-sized ice cream cone that is sold at Rocky Point Ice Cream on Murray Street. Also, enjoy some nourishment for yourself first at Pajo's Fish and Chips on the waterfront.

Most of the homes are three stories with Smart technology. There is a lot of storage in them for all your possessions as well. Be an enthusiast and enjoy the outdoors beach living in Port Moody today.

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